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Beautiful Imperfection by Emma Lohoues

Beautiful Imperfection by Emma Lohoues

Beautiful Imperfection by Emma Lohoues

Emma Lohoues, of Ivorian origin, is some time become one of those most revered film in Côte d'Ivoire.

The cinema is his passion since his youth. Thus it will be very quick appearances in the Ivorian hit series "Class A". Thereafter, it will be retained in a cast, organized by the director Owell Brown, to play the role of Estelle in the movie "The Perfect Man."

Since the film was awarded the Bronze STANDARD FESPACO 2011, won the 1st Prize for Best Fiction Film at FESTICAB 2011. Since then the beautiful Emma does qu'enchaîner prices including:

-Award for Best Actress at the International Film Festival in Morocco Khouribga 2011

-Award for Best Actress at the 20th China Golden Rooster & HundredFlowers Film Festival 2011 in Hefei, China.

- The Bronze Stallion at FESPACO 22nd FESPACO

-A "Crystal Heart" at the 28th International Film Festival of Love Mons

That honor went to one of the most gorgeous young actress who are the pride of the Ivory Coast point of view film.
Added to all this, Emma Lohoues is also an experienced model. She has already done a certain celebrity magazine and ask for many famous photographers.

But this beauty is not just in the movies. Emma Lohoues it's chic, glam's sexy, class. So why not start in this fashion?
Indeed, it has been some time out his own brand of clothing to the delight of the fans who are in the hundreds.

BEAUTIFUL Imperfection, since it is what it is, is now his trademark.
The most sexiest class of chic swagg, ladies and ladies you'll get your account and will attract attention.

Beautiful Imperfection is perfection by Emma Lohoues.
Undeplus wish him good luck in his career and business.

We invite you to enter their world by clicking this link >> and also find the official page of Beautiful Imperfection by clicking this link >>

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